Hoe blijf je fit in coronatijd? – Sue’s story

I ❤ the Basiscursus! It’s what’s been motivating me to get out there at least twice a week and stretch these lockdown legs. Same for my fellow-runner(s) René and Rob. We’re staying fit in Coronatijd, respecting social-distancing, and having fun at the same time.

We call ourselves the BC Lopers (our app group). We started the program Wednesday, October 28th, the official start date of the 2020 Loopgroep Oegstgeest Basiscursus which unfortunately had to be cancelled. The Basiscursus is a 22/23-week program ending traditionally on 2e Easter Day and with that day just around the corner, our finale is in sight: a 5k run in one go!

The Basiscursus has SO MANY plus points. Too many to name here, so, I’ll describe just a few.

Firstly, you’ve got the slow build-up. The slow build-up is perfect for any level beginner runner as well as experienced runners coming back from injury. The slow build-up is also incredibly rewarding with its week-after-week achievement. And this characteristic of the Basiscursus – the recurring achievement – is quite addictive. I mean, who doesn’t want more of that? Being forward-moving creatures by nature, achievement serves our needs well. It’s motivating and simply feels good; positivity all the way! Ah ha! So that’s it! That’s why this is my umpteenth time doing the Basiscursus!

Secondly, there’s the comfort and reward of connecting with others. (Another human need.) One might ask, is that possible during a lockdown – connecting with others? Thankfully, I can give that a big YES. You’ve got the routine connection with your fellow-runner(s) and then the frequent connection with the many others out there giving their lockdown legs a stretch too. Regarding the latter, sometimes the connection is a simple head-nod or smile; or both. Other times it’s a short verbal greeting or witty Rob-comment. And then, every once in a while, it’s a quick chat during the 10-meter approach, passing, and goodbye with someone you know, for example, a fellow-member of the Loopgroep.

Thirdly, and lastly for this piece, the other major plus point of the Basiscursus is its long duration, intertwined with the slow build-up. It’s a forgiving element. As life will have it, over the course of a 23-week period, or five months, one will most likely have to miss a training here and there. Maybe because of an illness, or injury, business travel, or an already planned vacation. But you know what? That’s okay! After your absence and with encouragement from the trainers, you simply rejoin the program as soon as you can and it works out, time and time again.

I ❤ the Basiscursus and the BC Lopers! Joy and fitness, even in Coronatijd.

Over to you Amerik. Hoe blijf jij fit in Coronatijd?